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Hello, my name is Lisa and I am a Certified Life Coach and Counselor.

I have been walking beside people for over twenty years. My desire is to help people discover who they are and how they can live an authentic life. I believe that if we want to change, we have to change the way we think. Bad ideas get more complicated over time, while good ideas get simpler. “Together we work on identifying limiting beliefs that have kept you from truly living your best and most authentic life.”

Having been a pastor's wife for over 30 years has helped me understand the unique challenges that accompany finding a safe, confidential place to share struggles and challenges that we encounter along the way. As a result of that, I have a passion to work with other women in ministry creating a safe and confidential place to share your heart. I have learned the hard way that isolation debilitates, destroys, and detours us from stepping into our personal calling and living our best lives.


My Approach

I believe that living our best and most authentic life requires believing and embracing who we truly are. Together we work on identifying old habits and beliefs and create a clear vision for reaching goals and attaining your dreams.
I believe that new beginnings can be opportunities for you to release old habits and beliefs in order to move forward into the next chapter of your life journey.
My approach is patient, offering guidance and encouragement as we develop a realistic plan to achieve your goals. Beautiful Exchange coaching is about being authentic, being confident, being courageous, being happy, and being your very best YOU.
My Approach

Helping People Live Their Best Lives


I have a co-creative coaching approach when working with my clients and believe that everyone has an internal wisdom to help guide them in life. Together, we discover how to set realistic goals and come up with a plan to help you achieve them.


We all need support as we move toward positive change or encounter unexpected hardships in life. As you are working on your goals towards a healthier life, I will encourage you, support you, and help hold you accountable.


Individual counseling can help you grow in your ability to face your challenges. I will help you in a very personalized, safe and non-judgmental way find clarity, confidence, and courage to live your best life.

A co-creative approach to helping you live your best life.

“You have within you the power to achieve your happiest and most fulfilling life.”

“Living your best life is your most important journey in life.”


Beautiful Exchange Life Coaching

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